What Does Filling in the GAPS Really Mean

It is our goal to ensure that all people – regardless of ability, race, socio-economic background, or anything else – are provided with the resources, education and assistance necessary to live healthy, safe and fulfilling lives. At Filling in the GAPS, we strive to provide assistance and resources to these individuals and their families, including connection to reliable support groups and community events.  We recognize that individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges deserve the same opportunities in life as everyone else, yet don’t always have equal access. This is why it is our mission to work to fill the voids in  resources individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges may face. In addition to providing access to resources, our organization also provides educational opportunities to raise public awareness, creates public forums for learning more about advocacy, and hosts  events to celebrate these individuals’ many strengths and accomplishments. It is our hope that by advocating for and supporting greater access to opportunities and services, we can bolster the mental and physical health of individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges so that they can go on and lead healthier and more productive lives. Filling in the GAPS welcomes anyone who has an appreciation for what we do and seeks to provide a positive role in providing educational, advocacy, and support services to individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges. With our continued efforts, we can take steps towards ensuring that all individuals – regardless of ability – have the resources they need to live a full and healthy life.